CoinField Academy Has Been Successfully Launched

CoinField is pleased to announce the launch of CoinField Academy!

A brand-new open-access learning hub from CoinField Academy aims to offer a one-stop shop for blockchain and cryptocurrency learning resources that is accessible to everyone. 

Current topics include Blockchain, Crypto Strategies, NFT, CoinField’s Platform Tutorials, and CoinField Products, with more in the pipeline. Check out some of the articles below:

CoinField will be adding more and more learning resources to the Academy — we’ve got big plans in store! More articles and videos are coming every week, and we also soon welcome the ‘’Learn and Earn’’ program, where CoinField users will earn rewards while learning all things about cryptocurrencies.  

CoinField Academy is an open source, and we want your feedback right from the start.
To see on CoinField Academy, visit the site today!

Once you’ve checked out the articles, don’t forget to share the articles and bookmark them when you want to read them again in the future.

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