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Factors That Determine Why Exchange Coins Outperformed Most Traded Coins Like Bitcoin and Ethereum

In 2021, Bitcoin grew 73% and Ethereum moved up 455%. But BNB, an exchange coin, showed a growth of 1,344%. Let’s understand why exchange coins are known to deliver such stellar growth records.

Many top cryptocurrency exchanges have released their tokens. For example, Binance has BNB, has CRO, has FTT and has CFC. Undoubtedly, these exchange tokens offer great benefits for traders who own a certain quantity of these tokens. They can offer discounts on trading fees, reduced withdrawal and deposit fees, staking the tokens for high yield and receive rewards or access to new airdrops. 

Exchange tokens have specific use cases and are tied to the exchange platform business model. These are already more than enough reasons to invest in exchange tokens, but beyond those perks, investors can trade these exchange tokens for profit too. 

Exchange Tokens Use to Diversify Portfolio

Exchange Tokens for Portfolio Diversify

Exchange tokens are a perfect portfolio diversification tool. With their low correlation compared with stable cryptocurrencies, they allow investors to profit during the market correction. Exchange token prices can rise even during bearish market sentiment and BTC price fall.

According to a report by the blockchain data research firm Arcane Research, among the top three cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, BNB has notably outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021. The chart below demonstrates that BNB gained 1,344% during 2021, while market leader Bitcoin grew 73% and Ethereum was up 455%. It has proven that exchange token prices outperform stablecoins and thrive during bearish market sentiment and BTC price fall.

The chart demonstrates the price growth of BNB, BTC and ETH during 2021 

During market downtrends, investors can profit by trading or holding exchange tokens and exchange tokens are perfect for active trading and long term hold as their value increases in the long run.

Exchange Tokens Grow Value Over time

Great Opportunity to Grow Over Time 

The most significant value shared among traders is that exchange tokens are generally a vital investment. As the exchange grows and accumulates value through time, the brand becomes more trustworthy and famous, and it will create a snowball effect on the demand for its native token.

For instance, investing in CoinField Coin (CFC) makes sense as the token price can be a relatively low price for early investors. As long as CoinField stays in a good light with a positive brand image, it will continue to grow. Furthermore, CFC also has a limited supply, and this means its value should go up over time, as the more demand it gets, the more valuable it becomes.

This is the same for other exchange tokens, even smaller ones like Bitrue Coin (BTR),  the native asset on the Bitrue exchange. This data showed over time that its native token value has dramatically increased.

The chart above demonstrates the price ​​of Bitrue Coin to USD within one year period. The exchange tokens from smaller exchanges are even sounder as an investment as smaller exchanges fit into a niche of offering different features and cryptocurrencies. For instance, CoinFied builds its reputation on loyal customers and expands its market, not limited to the EU zone but also in Africa. This means CoinField Exchange and its native token CFC will continue to perform. 

Exchange Tokens Are Growing Fast

Fast Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Investing in exchange tokens is a great choice to get more margin on your following trades. For instance, CFC holders will get a trading fees discount of up to 50% and 20% off when purchasing CoinField Whitelabel or listing the new coins on the Exchange. Investing in CFC allows crypto enthusiasts to earn profit as they pay fewer fees. There are more reasons to invest in CFC and you can learn more in this full article here.

It is inevitable that the exchange tokens offer a great way to grow together with the crypto exchange business. What sets CFC apart from established coins such as BNB and other platform tokens is that CFC can be accessible by retail and professional traders. CFC has a starting price of $1 only. Furthermore, CFC will be offered as a reward on CoinField Partner, Referral, and Staking programs. These programs bring more CFC holders and increase CFC values. 

In addition, CFC will be accessible on the Nwassa trading platform for Tingo’s 9.3 million customers. CoinField also plans its technological roadmaps around the top trendy projects like the NFT marketplace and the creation of the Field blockchain consisting of DEX and DeFis.

Exchange Tokens Benefits


The Exchange Tokens outperformed the other type of cryptocurrency, and from the BNB case, it has shown to bring a very high return on investment (ROI). Investing in CFC is great because it is backed by CoinField, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, and it has several meaningful use cases with a strong community. In 2022, CoinField will launch the NFT marketplace and the GameFi domain. These exciting projects will create significant value to the CoinField ecosystem and positively impact its native token CFC.

CFC brings an excellent opportunity for investors to be part of the cutting edge technologies, top digital assets trends and grow wealth. Investing in exchange tokens provide investors great benefits as a tool to diversify their portfolio, opportunity to grow the coin value over time and be part of the fast-growing industry.

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