An Unforgettable Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate all moms and their unwavering superpowers. A mother is a selfless and loving friend, mentor, leader and caregiver. Someone who sacrifices their own needs for those of their family and loved ones. Today, we join together in sharing our appreciation for the efforts of all mothers, and pay tribute to everything they have done to get us to where we are today. 

How are you celebrating your mother today?

We connected with the CoinField team to each share our favourite moments with our mothers. We tried to pinpoint what we could do to put the biggest smile on their faces. Was it a fresh bouquet of flowers? A day at the spa? Her favourite home-cooked meal? While yes, all of the above may put a smile on their faces, we concluded that making our mother proud was the single best thing we could do for them. To show them how all the traits they taught over the years, ambition, curiosity, determination,,are instilled in us today.  

What makes your mother proud? 

A mother will always take pride in who you have become and feel proud of the contributions they have made. Sharing your passions with your mom is one way you show her your appreciation. Better yet, try something new together, or stand by her side and teach her something new. 

Teach your mom how to trade! With the cryptocurrency industry reaching a $2 billion dollar market cap, there are more people than ever entering the trade world. Trading is now easy everyone would benefit from learning. 

Teach your mother how to trade!

The CoinField referral program was built for our loyal users to share their passion for cryptocurrency and trading with family and friends. It rewards both the existing and new user with 10 SOLO. The existing CoinField user will also receive 25% of the new user’s future commissions. Teach your mother how to trade today by sharing your CoinField referral link. 

How it works:

1. Get Link

Grab your unique referral link from your CoinField dashboard.

2. Invite Your Mother

Send your link to your mother & have her sign up.

3. Referral Rewards

Receive 10 SOLO for each signup & 25% commission on all trading fees

*The initial rewards will be deposited instantly to both accounts as soon as the new user signs up, completes and passes the AML/KYC procedure and deposits a minimum of $100 CAD or $100 USD or €100 EUR or £100 GBP or ¥10,000 JPY or 300 AED as the first deposit (no commissions will be paid if the initial deposit is in Cryptocurrency).

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