URGENT: How Hack May Have Affected You!

In June 2020, Ledger suffered a data breach after a website vulnerability allowed hackers to access their customers’ contact details.

The hack includes sensitive information such as the names, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of 272,853 people who purchased Ledger devices in the past.

Cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble has shared the leaked file with the public, and Ledger has confirmed that the data is accurate.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Check and enter your email address to confirm if your email address is among the affected Ledger hack or not. 

If your email address has been compromised please take the following actions:

  1. Change your email password
  2. Activate 2FA for your email account
  3. Make sure your CoinField password is strong
  4. Activate 2FA for your CoinField account

To learn more about activating 2FA on CoinField please visit our knowledge centre.