6000 SOLO Referral Giveaway!

Sign up for a Pro account on CoinField, refer your friends, and enter our 6000 SOLO prize draw.

How it Works

If you successfully refer a friend, you could win 100 SOLO. If you refer 15 friends, you could earn 1200 SOLO! 

See the tiering table below for prizes.

How to Enter

Existing CoinField Pro account holders can skip step 1.

  1. Sign up for a CoinField Pro account
  2. Share your referral link with friends
  3. Fill out this Form

Tiering is based on your number of successful referrals.

Your friends must sign up for a CoinField Pro account and you must include their email addresses in the form for a referral to count as successful. 

For example:

If you share your referral link with ten friends and all 10 of them sign up for a CoinField Pro account, you will be in tier 4 to win 1000 SOLO.

If you refer ten friends and only 1 of them signs up for a Pro account, you get into tier 1 to win 100 SOLO. 

The more friends you get to sign up, the more SOLO you could win!


  • This contest is not open to residents of our restricted countries (including the USA & Canada).
  • You and your friends need to pass KYC and sign up for a Pro account
  • This offer is available to existing & new users
  • Giveaway ends September 9, 2020, at 19:00 BST
  • Winners will be announced September 16, 2020, at 19:00 BST

Earn More SOLO!

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Sign up for a CoinField account now, refer your friends and get them to sign up for a Pro account to win SOLO!

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