CoinField Franchise: Solving the Top 5 Problems with Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With over 500 Crypto Exchange Programs on the internet, it is evident that cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing trend. However, there are some significant hiccups that users have experienced while jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon. 

In an attempt to solve these ubiquitous problems and contribute to the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, CoinField launched a global franchise network. This franchise opportunity enables businesses to have access to a state-of-the-art digital cryptocurrency trading platform. Essentially, CoinField is offering all of the ingredients for a successful business built off the highly secure and reliable Blockchain technology. 

Start a Franchise in your region. CoinField’s team will handle KYC, provide customer support, full tech and maintenance, and offer client confidentiality. You will also have access to CoinField’s existing network of business partners. 

Exclusive Handling of KYC & Client Confidentiality

Security breaches, including scams and fraud, are frequent concerns for those entering the cryptocurrency industry. Understandably, it is unsettling for cryptocurrency users to be concerned about having their details compromised. CoinField utilizes 2FA and allows access to AML/ KYC solutions.

Access to 24/7 Customer Support

Cryptocurrency is a complex and innovative ecosystem. When users get stuck with anything on the platform or want to find out more about user features, they go straight to customer support contacts for advice or resolution of their issue.

For new exchanges entering the cryptocurrency industry, it can be challenging to provide adequate resources for customer support for the number of users they serve.  CoinField understands that the user-friendliness of the system and proper customer support is critical to creating a perfect user experience, and offer customer support around the clock.

Utilize CoinFields Network of Business Partners

As a franchisee, you have access to an extensive portfolio of coins (200+ digital assets). You will also be able to utilize CoinField’s existing networks of business partners, including banks, payment providers, and more.

Is a CoinField Franchise right for you?

CoinField is seeking clients with a keen interest in investing in new business ventures. Franchises are available in 15 countries, including the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Investors looking to purchase a franchise will have to obtain the necessary licenses required to operate a cryptocurrency exchange if their chosen country of operation needs one.

Are you interested?

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