CoinField Now Supports X-Addresses For SOLO & XRP

To coincide with the launch of PayID, we are now offering support for X-addresses on the XRP Ledger. Users will no longer need to enter a destination tag for SOLO and XRP deposits and withdrawals. Instead, users can use an X-address.

What is an X-Address?

The new X-address format replaces the r-address and destination tag format when making XRP deposits and withdrawals to an exchange, custodian wallet, or payments platform. Costly mistakes can now be avoided by inputting the wrong destination tag or forgetting to use one. 

An X-address contains both a destination address and a destination tag. It can always be recognized by the upper-case X that starts the address. It will look like this:


The X-address format will benefit both users and exchanges. Currently, if users make mistakes by entering a wrong destination tag or not entering one at all, a manual funds recovery is needed, or funds or lost. With the X-address, this is no longer a concern.

For more information about the new X-address, please visit the XRP address website.